Saturday, March 15, 2008

More News on SPM - StCo

The last time my friends and I appeared vigorously on the local newspapers was when we were going to Japan for the Youth Exchange Programme back in 2006. But this time, we appeared again on the local newspapers because of our proudly achieved SPM results. ^_^

The news on our school covered almost the whole page!

11As and 10As! (I got 11A1s actually...^_^)

My personal interview! ^_^ (Haiks! Again, I got 11A1s, not 11As.. Haha..)


My friends and I! I'm proud of them...


Sherp said...

awesome awesome! to appear in newspaper!

LingDi said...


ღAmandaa said...

I am proud to be your cousin! :D


Is that Qi Ying's name? in the newspaper?

< u3! y!nG > said...

wah.. so cool to have your face in the newspaper huh?

LingDi said...

Hehe.. Tnx! Yeah, it's Qi Ying's name.. I guess so! Coz' I don't know how to read Chinese characters but, it should be hers. Haha..

Uei Ying,
Haha.. Ok ok larr.. Haha..