Sunday, March 23, 2008

Trip To Sarikei!

Not long ago, I took 2 days off from my normal life to accompany my parents back to Sarikei for an early 'Ching Ming'. I haven't gone back to Sarikei for a very long time! Really miss the place, the food and also my relatives there. So, decided to accompany my parents to go back. ^^
As usual, one thing that you really need to sacrifice when going traveling long distance by car is the cleanliness of a toilet. Serious! You will need to use those cafe toilets or the ones at the petrol kiosk while on your way. But, it was kind of OK for me as I am used to these kind of situations. :)

The long queue at the ferry point to Sarikei town..

The journey took us about 6 hours to reach our destination. We went to Bintagor first and took the ferry to Sarikei. Then, we checked into one of the inns there and went to visit my relatives. We went to visit my aunts at Murutuk then, went to Jakar to visit my uncle and his family. Not forgetting, to visit my two dearest nieces, Zi Xin and Yan Zi! So, I spent the whole afternoon there playing with them. We had also had dinner there then, went back to the inn. I did accompany my mum to buy some stuffs while my dad went to have a haircut. ^_^ At night, we went to a surprisingly superb departmental store to shop and went to eat Sarikei's yummylicious 'kam muan'!!! Honestly, it is really hard to find a delicious, original 'kam muan' in Miri so, better grab the opportunity to eat it when in Sarikei. Haha..

The cheeky, little Zi Xin! She is a smart girl..

Adorable Yan Zi! I love her smile!

One of my favourite shops in Sarikei, EverWin Economy Trading Centre! ^^

Next morning, I went to eat 'kam muan' again! Yummy, yummy..(Sherp is going to kill me for this! Haha..) We went to the market to buy some stuffs before heading back to Miri.

The yummylicious 'kam muan' and the 50 cents Chinese Tea!

Really glad that I made the right decision to go back. Really enjoyed myself! Thank God for the safe, mercy journey. Hope can go back there again next time. ^_^


Lynnwei said...

wah wah wah....i want kam muan!!!

LingDi said...

I want to eat it now too... Haha!

Sherp said...

:O!!! i want i want too!!!

nah i wont kill u now. u just have to chia me next time. Muahahahhahaa

Daniel Yiek said...

Checkout Sarikei website at

Pls forward to all Sarikei friends