Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Supporting Ex-School's Health Quiz Team!

The 3 of us: Marvin, Ming Chai and I went to support our ex-school's Health Quiz team today! It was kind of a last-minute plan but, since the 3 of us + Qi Ying represented the school in this competition for the last 2 consecutive years, we had decided to show some support to the new team. This year, Manveer, Louis, Felicia and Wong represented our school.

Wong, Felicia, Louis and Manveer!

I had actually warned them to do well in the theory test on the day before because during my years, our team was always the one to get the highest score in the theory test. Haha.. But, I was only joking! Was just hoping that they would do well. We met them up after their theory test. They came out complaining about the test! But, I quietly knew that they did well. By the way, I met Charlene, a friend whom I met at last year's forum.

Ming Chai visiting the landscape at the venue!

The three of us went away to the town to do some things. We went to grab a bite before heading to Marvin's little brothers' school to fetch them. Marvin's brothers are so cute! Haha.. After that, we went back to see the four of them again to wait for their results. I could see that they were really nervous and I could even feel the nervousness in me too! Just like the old times.. Thank God they made it into the finals! So did CH and Lutong. So, we stayed back to watch their finals. Again, it was nerve-wrecking! I finally got to feel how the teachers and Marvin felt when sitting down there watching us last time. Neerrrrvvvoouuussss! Haha..

The stage..

Louis revising his notes!

After the 3 challenging rounds, our school managed to grab the 2nd place while CH maintained their 1st place. Lutong got 3rd. I am really proud of the four of them because they did a really good job. Although they couldn't defeat the defending champion team, I believe that they had done their best. So, Louis, don't feel disappointed! ^_^

The four of them and I!

Right after they had finished the quiz, the 3 of us went away as I had to go back by 4pm. A very big THANK YOU to Marvin for giving me a lift! Last but not least, thank God for everything! ^^

Ming Chai attempting to kiss(?) Marvin.. Haha!


Sherp said...

hahahaha last photo is funny!

LingDi said...

Haha.. It is! Eh eh... Try ask your friend, Tim and Alex to do too! Haha.. Or other friends too! Btw, pls record a video of your friends singing chinese song.. Haha..

Lynnwei said...

wah.....u really seems to be having lots of fun...no need to study..jsut relax! ahaha

LingDi said...

Haha.. No larr.. Need to start studying too! Haha.. But, I love holidays.. I mean who doesn't?! :)