Monday, March 03, 2008

Visiting NS Friends...

Apologies for not updating my blog recently. Telephone wires were stolen so, our internet connection were badly interrupted! Hmph... So, we had to bear with the internet-less condition for a few days.

Back to the main point, yesterday, my friends and I went to the NS Camp to visit our friends that were still in NS. It was kind of a last minute decision for me to go because I didn't want to go at the first time but, since Emandy's parents are going, my mum allowed me to tag along too. We brought some nice food for them too!

The NS Camp's canteen!

There were a bunch of us there waiting for our NS friends to come down from their respective dorms. We didn't do much things but were just chatting around, taking pictures. I haven't been chatting with them for so long! Miss them so much... Btw, I even took a video of an interview that I had with Kar Lun, Kok How and Siew Ang. They didn't even realise I really took the video until I replayed it! Haha...

Interviewing Kok How and Kar Lun... Sorry, I'm not going to upload the video to the blog!

Siew Ang and I!

Good old Pei Ling and I!

Us all! You can see the table is full of food and cameras... (Emandy's brother at left hand side!)

We were actually planning to stay there for a while only but, ended up staying there for about 2 hours! Why? Because we had to wait for Miss Joaquina to return to the NS Camp so that we could take a group picture. Haha...

Joa and I!

The complete group picture!

The place was actually OK. Not bad except for some parts. A big THANK YOU to Emandy's parents for letting me to tag along with them! Last but not least, I thank God for everything! ^_^


Sherp said...

"i praise you, for i am fearfully and wonderfully made" i like this phrase at the side of ur blog!

sounded heartwarming to be able to meet up again with friends yah.. i lov reunions :D

telephone wires were stolen?!!!

LingDi said...

Yeah!! Haha.. It's a really beautiful verse. ^_^

I love reunions! Haha.. With friends and with family, relatives!

Yeap.. Wires stolen.. Haiks!

Queena said...

hey...dun say me until like tat ma..u guys came early la not my fault oh..

LingDi said...

Sorry~~~ Didn't mean it.. :)

Mandy said...

Hey, Thia... it's alrite. it's just a lift ^^ and thank you so so much for the's so nice. Thank you to ur mummy too..

ps: will blog abt it soon =)

Ps: Queena:
we waited so so long for u ar =(

LingDi said...

No prob.. Really happy that I could go too. Glad you like the scarf!!! Haha..