Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Visit to Halo!

I finally got to use my RM10 Halo voucher which I won during the Bloggers Gathering. The four of us: ErJie, Ning Jie, Christine and I went there to have some food and drinks. The place wasn't packed with people but was pretty empty. Maybe because it's a weekday so, there weren't a lot of people free. Btw, it was only my third time there. ^^ We had a good time eating, chatting and listening to the songs. We even tried to make fun of the singers by requesting them to sing Gary Chao Ge's songs because his songs are really difficult to sing. Haha..

I had "Purple Corner".. Didn't really know what it was but, chose it because of the word "Purple"(?).. ^^

Yummylicious chicken!

My "Purple Corner"!

The mini band..

The food was OK, not bad. The drinks were nice and refreshing. The place was not bad, but it is still not suitable for those who want to talk and chit-chat because of the loud music. Well, for me, I don't really mind as the environment there is just nice. Am looking forward to going there again next time! ^^


James TC Wong said...

Nice blog Lynthia! Heartiest congrats to you on your recent fab SPM results! So proud of you! May God bless and keep you always!


Uncle James & Aunty Roseline

LingDi said...

Uncle James & Aunty Roseline,
Thank you! Praise the Lord. :)
God bless...

Sherp said...

waa. the drink looks so nice. i wud hav chosen purple corner coz of the word purple too haha