Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New 2010 Year!

Time flies. So fast that it feels as if it’s just yesterday that I was still in secondary school.


I kinda miss school!

Looking back on 2009, this very chapter of my life had been a great blessing from God.


CF rocks, God rocks!

Although there were times of trials and difficulties, they were all lessons that God wants me to learn. I never regret going through all these.34

Trials and difficulties include gaining weight. But, I will not give up. Please pray for me =) 

And now, here comes 2010!

The year when I will turn a year older (duh!). Not that I care so much but, I will be turning 2 decades old!

20 20 sj

20! 20! 20! 20!

The year when I will (might) be flying to a country which I have never stepped a foot in to study.


India, here I come.

The year when things will definitely change. And I hope the changes are good!


I cannot guarantee whether I, myself would change but, I can promise that I will improve and be a better person for God and everyone whom I love.

So, I guess it’s goodbye 2009 and hello to 2010. =)

31      Yippee!!


Sherp said...

HAppy new year!!!!

so many posts i havent read- u blogged so frequently! :D i wana read all ur vacation ones now.


LingDi said...

Happy New Year!!!
Haha.. Need to update blog as frequent as I can since I'm free. Sure! And I want to read your too. Quickly update! I want to see pretty pictures of Turkey!