Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Rambles

There’s always a particular point when I will have nothing to blog at all. And at that time, I will always abandon my blog and wander aimlessly in time. Having nothing to blog about is very disheartening to me because I really take this as if it’s a part of me. To have the opportunity to blog to me is an opportunity to express myself.

As I read other blogs, I envy them for having so many things to blog about. No matter it’s about relationships, traveling to awesome places, advertorials or even random bla-blas, I always have this little dream in me to blog like them. To have so many things to say about something is what I’m secretly wishing for.

However, I always find myself setting a limit when I blog. It’s either I should prevent myself from saying something overboard or criticizing something that I’m unhappy with. And sometimes, I couldn’t even blog about something I’m very emo about especially my feelings to people. I think I’m too afraid of saying something that might cause people to hate me and attack my feelings. I’m such a coward!

And because of this, I want this to be one of my 2010 resolutions. That is to be more brave to blog about anything that I feel like talking about. To be able to blog more random bla-blas and stop limiting myself too much when I blog.

It’s time for me move on to be a better blogger. And hope you’ll find a better me in my new domain by end of this month.


Chelley~ said...

Don't be afraid of what other people think, who're they to judge, right? =)

LX said...

do u envy me? hahahahahah!

LingDi said...

Aww.. Tnx!

Oh puh-lease... Perasan!

Sherp said...

i agree with u lynthia, about how we cant blog abt something we are emo abt.. i always have to hold back things i wana say, just coz i knw i cant write it or else it might offend ppl :(
but in my opinion, u blog way better than me.
i see how rajin u are in updating ur blog during ur hols - on the other hand, i update it coz i feel i have to, and its like a chore :s

LingDi said...

Aww.. Tnx for understanding. It's just sometimes, it's just not right to blog about certain stuffs that we're emo about because we all know how we think towards people who do that and sometimes I even think it's foolish. =S
Btw, you blog very well too! Just don't take it as if it's a burden. Learn to enjoy it. ok?