Sunday, January 24, 2010

Taking a Break

Sorry people! I'm kind of taking a break from blogging while saving some interesting things to blog about for my new domain. So, you won't be seeing a lot of new posts here now. =( And so sorry too because I don't want to reveal my new address because there are some more things to settle. Don't worry, it'll definitely be ready on 29th Jan!

25th January is coming in less than a day time. And in case you're wondering what's up with this date, that's the date my results will be released. And duh! I'm nervous but, I'm remaining calm and committing my results into God's hands. Please, please pray for me! I want this to be good and I know it'll be because I have faith in Him. May God bless my results and that my results will be awesome to glorify His name. Psalm 37:4: Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.

So, besides the 25th Jan issue, I've been working out lately on the treadmill and bicycle. It's tiring but, I feel really good and I know every minute of the pain, I'm slowly turning to the life of a healthy person. So, yes, it's worth the sweat and pain. Also, I just started taking guitar lessons. Today is just my first day and I like it! I'm taking the lessons with Lynna. Reason why I'm taking guitar lessons again is because I need to brush up my skills. I need to learn the right way in order to play better next time. And not forgetting, I need to improve so I can play for church one day.

I guess I better take a rest now. Don't know why I'm feeling quite tired. Had been out every night last week and it's not a very good choice. Got to go rest before I start my workout today!

P/s: Please continue to pray for my results. I will call the college in the morning to ask for my results. My first time so, please pray for me! =)


Update: I called to ask for my results this morning. Actually, I called for so many times but, it was too early. So, I called after my friend texted me. Thank you for all your prayers, I got 3 As and 1 B. Yes, you got it right. B for Physics. I'm very depressed but, no matter what, all glory to God. Praise the Lord for the rest of the As. There are so many things that happened to cause this B. Well, at least we all know who are those who played the important role in getting this B. =( Please, continue to remember me for your prayers. I really pray that I don't need to be returning to college so soon. So many things to do and I really need more of the time I have with family and friends. I don't want to waste it for other unnecessary things yet. Lastly, congrats to those for their awesome results! Praise the Lord and may God's name be glorified through our results!

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Charlotte said...

Hey, all the best for your result!

p/s looking forward to your new domain! =D