Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm On My Way

Guess what?! I'm on my way to setting my new domain! I'm really excited about it but, please wait for about 2 weeks more. I need time to import all my posts since 2005 and I still have a web design to settle.

Hope it's going to be done by 29 Jan 2010.

Btw, I just got back from church today. The sermon today was awesome. Pastor preached about spiritual gifts. Something that I have been thinking and praying a lot about. And I am still discovering that very special gift God has given to me.

This is just a short, random post. Will update soon with more complete posts. =) God bless!


Elnino said...

hey lynthia..d church in miri also kena attack le..swt..wth.
owh..i just watched sportscentre..u going 2 watch malaysian open dis year? i think its in feb..:)

LingDi said...

Yeah.. Heard abt it this morning. =(
It's the WTA right? Dementieva is coming! And got others as well. Not sure.. If got cheap flight tickets, I might fly there.. Hehe=)