Saturday, January 02, 2010

I ♥ Langkawi cont.

After island hopping, we met the Singaporean couple again at the Jetty Point after lunch.

We went to the tour agent office and decided to go to the cable car together. So, there we went!


Cable Car of Langkawi Geopark =)

It was quite a long journey there. Took about 20-30 minutes to reach the place. It’s located at the Oriental Village. We walked around the place a while before finding the cable car station.

When we got there, there were soooo many people queuing! But, determined to go for it, we joined the queue and waited for about 1 hour.


At the 2nd station up at the hill!

It was worth the waiting. And just like what I had mentioned on my previous post, the cable car ride was very scary!


Took this picture while on our way down…


Zoomed in to take this awesome picture of the 7 wells =)

It’s more than 700m above sea level and worst of all, it has the steepest gradient of 42°. It terrified me that I was holding on to the handle and praying all the time! Didn’t know I have fear of heights.


Look at how steep the cable was!

But, once we were up there, the view was spectacular and the temperature was lower. Love the place there. It was breathtaking!


Love the view up there!


With Mummy and Lynna =)

After snapping enough pictures there, we went to queue up again to go back to the ground. The ride then, was more relaxing and less terrifying. =) Phew!


I looked more relaxed when on the way down…

Later, we went to the mini zoo beside the station. Not many animals there. Just rabbits and deer which we could actually touch and feed. So cute!

SONY DSC Cute deer!      

Then, we went to the Eagle’s Bay to take pictures! It’s very near to the Jetty Point, where we were earlier. The van driver told us that the eagle statue costed RM2 millions! No wonder so huge. =)


♥ Mummy and Daddy ♥

What a day in Langkawi! It was super fun and enjoyable. I totally didn’t expect it to be so fun. Glad we met the couple in hotel. We even ended up going around the town together for the whole day! What a blessing. =)


Verdict? Langkawi is a must go! Either with family (recommended) or friends, just go and you wouldn’t regret this.


LX said...

Made new friends lah? Got exchange facebook contacts or not? Hhahaha.. young or old couple?

LingDi said...

Yeah.. Lynna got give her email and the Auntie emailed her. Umm.. Not very old and not too young. I think abt late 30s or early 40s. In btwn that la. =)

Sherp said...

wah the eagle is so expensive!!!!! :O

and daww the deer pose is cute :)