Friday, January 08, 2010

Poor Vision

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not the vision of my life or what-so-ever. What I mean by poor vision is my eye-sight.

It’s getting worse. =(

I went to make a new pair of glasses 2 nights ago and I was told that my astigmatism has increased! However, my degree for both eyes are still the same. At least I could comfort myself with this.

I chose a pair of simple black framed glasses =)

My previous astigmatism for right eye was 1.75 and now, it increased to 2.00! As for the left eye, it was 1.50 and now, it’s 1.75.

I wanted something like this! But, to be practical, I had to ditch this. =(

Apoo… I think I need to reduce my time of watching TV while going online on my laptop and also the DS Lite habit every night. Otherwise, my eye-sight will get even worse!

Meanwhile, I think I better start eating more carrots. Help~


Felicia Tee said...

lol. i think i need to cut down my time facing my computer and tv too!! my eye-sight is deteriorating!!

LingDi said...

Ah Xia!! Long time no hear from you~ How are you?? Yeap.. Got to cut the Tvs and laptop. =(

Felicia Tee said...

haha. life's boring without ktt lol. aikkss. how i miss you guys..

Elnino said...

lol...aww man..u shud hav got the harry potter-like specs..:)

LingDi said...

I wouldn't think so. I love life now too! =) Hehe.. But, I miss you too!

Haha! I wanted to.. And there's this kind that looks very old fashioned but, I think I better get a more practical one. Haha..

LX said...

Tau pun!!

Btw btw, I think 2nd design is possible.. my batchmate from IMU Jon had it.. HAhaha.. quite suited him too.

Felicia Tee said...

haha! i like tha harry potter specs too! guess what. i had that once when i was in primary 4. XD

LingDi said...

Aiyo.. I really want to get something like this but, because I'm not paying for this, so I don't think I should get that. Dajie will be furious if I choose that! Haha.. But, if got a cheap one, I'll definitely get that.

Haha.. You should try get it now again! It'll be the latest trend. =)

Sherp said...

wah so round, when i saw it definitely harry potter entered my mind. and how u fell asleep watching the movie ! :p hahaha

Shawn Paul said...

Lol the harry potter specs would be crazy. Unless u wana fit the typical Jpa nerd look LOL. Aww ur old specs were fancy lol.

LingDi said...

Haha! I know it's gonna be crazy! But, sometimes, I like the nerd style. Muahaha..
I still like my old specs but, the sides are getting worse. The colour on the sides of the specs are peeled off and it's quite painful when I wear it. That's why I got to change it. =)