Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Laksa day !!!

Today, I had my mum homemade Sarawak laksa.. hmm...hmm...yummy yummy yummy... too bad I can't eat too much of spicy food coz' not that good for my throat... Still coughing.. Well.. I still can't wait for CNY and really hope I will recovered soon then.. Well... Wah Lai Toi is showing the Thriump In the Skies series... My favourite!!! Especially got Ron Ng in there... Really love the story lines and especially see thme flying the ariplane... this week will be the last episode for Amazing Race 6. I support Kris and Jon, Hayden and Aaron... They are good and really competitive.. Actually... i think all of them deserve to win this race coz' everybody has been working really hard and gaining alot of experience and as a result... They deserve the 1 million...According to the this week review, all the team members got problems excpet for Kris and Jon.. Hopefully they can catch after they have been brought for a ride in China by the Taxi driver... haha... I really hope to see them win... hehe.. This time... there is no married couples.. only dating one except for Adam and Rebecca.. Rebecca is so cute.. She is so happy go lucky... haha... Anyone who watch Amazing Race and a really big fan of it, you can visit this site and vote for your favourite team... hopefully you guys can vote for Kris and Jon lar.. haha... JK... Just vote for anyone you guys support..http://www.cbs.com/primetime/amazing_race6/ That's all for today.. Have a good day!!

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