Sunday, February 13, 2005

Tong lor tong lor chiang... Tong lor tong lor chiang... Lion Dance !!!

Wow... today, we really had fun. My mum's school's lion dance troup went to my house and perform some traditional lion dance and it was really nice and fun !!! The lion verses my Scooby ( my dog ) and it was really funny... haha... and i finally got all my pics with my cousins which was taken at the photo booth... I think i better make a new blog to specially put pictures in it... oh well... I think i better start studying now or else... Coz' honestly... I have been very lazy lately and didn't study for some test.. Really dissapointed with myself and i think i better improve myself and really pray hard to God to help me... God... please help me and guide me to be more dicipline and serious... Amen.

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